Prison Visitation Program

The main goal of our Prison Visitation Program is to provide an opportunity for inmates to restructure their personal priorities and goals. Religious classes are offered as well as individual counseling.

This program takes the synagogue to those Jews who are restricted in following their religious traditions but who are determined to positively readjust back into society.

There are many prisons in and around us, and they include Federal institutions (which have a variety of levels of security), State prisons (which have their own set of rules and regulations and are not tied in any way to the Federal or county institutions), and County jails, which are usually a temporary holding facility until sentencing.

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in private prison facilities. This, in many ways, is the same as the government renting their space, but additional significant challenges arise.
In addition to the training and direction you will receive at Aleph Institute, you will be required to complete clearance forms as well as training from that specific institution.

Please understand that we cannot process your application without those forms.

To become a part of this vital work, please APPLY HERE or contact us.