Volunteer Opportunities

The programs and services of Aleph are designed to achieve maximum impact within the prison environment.  These efforts serve as the basis for programs that reach out to the incarcerated population. The success of our programs attests to the power of its Torah-based approach to serving prisoners, their families, and humanity in general.

Through understanding the life of those who are incarcerated and the concerns and issues faced by their family members, one can truly begin to understand the ripple effects that are created by such a dramatic event.  With the help of volunteers, we at Aleph can continue to actively ensure that each incarcerated Jew will receive the desired guidance, direction, and visitation needed to continue on the path to self-sufficiency. 

The following Aleph Institute programs are in need of volunteers to help us ensure that our constituents are supported and that "No Jew is Forgotten." We provide volunteer training sessions that include “how-to” preparation courses, support sessions, and information and resources for your own reference. 

To become a part of this vital work, please  APPLY HERE or contact us.