Through understanding the life of those who are incarcerated and the concerns and issues faced by their family members, one can truly begin to understand the ripple effects that are created by such a dramatic event.  With the help of volunteers, we at Aleph can continue to actively ensure that those incarcerated will receive the desired guidance, direction, and visitation needed to continue on the path to self-sufficiency. 

If you are interested in volunteering at Aleph please fill out the applicable forms or contact us for more information at: or 412-421-0111 Ext. 100.


Our Volunteers:


Patty Anouchi

Rabbi Yisroel Baumgarten

Brian Cynamon

Barbara Cynamon 

Laura Ehlman

Leibel Estrin

Andi Fischoff

Rabbi Zalman Gurevitz

Rabbi Elchonon Friedman 

Kathryn Holmes

Rabbi Elliot Katz 

Rabbi Yitzchok Idell 

Michoel Dovid Leopold

Rabbi Mendel Lipskar 

Brian Miller

Mr. Pinky Naiditch  

Rabbi Tzvi Perlman 

Mr. Shmuel Posin 

Rabbi Zalman Raskin

Rabbi Chezky Rosenfeld

Rabbi Henech Rosenfeld

Rabbi Leibel Scheinbaum

Rabbi Mendy Shapiro 

Rabbi Yossi Silverman

Rabbi Sholomo Silverman

Rabbi Yossi Silverman

Professor Mitch Small

Arthur Smith

         Ken Zeff Rabbi            

          Jeremy Lerner             

Yosef Chaim Lester