Holiday Programs - The holidays of Judaism should be practiced everywhere regardless of conditions. Aleph allows Jewish prisoners with no Jewish surroundings to practice their religion and celebrate holidays while incarcerated. The families of the prisoners are also afforded the opportunity to observe the holidays with their loved ones.  

Read more about our holiday programs below:

  • For  Shabbos, each institution receives grape juice and matzah
  • On Purim, Rabbis travel hundreds of miles to visit each and every inmate and read the Megillah for them.
  • During the festive  Sukkos holiday, Jews take a Lulav and Etrog and make special blessings over them. Volunteers can also bring a sukkah into the institutions to help the prisoners more closely follow this tradition. Pop-Up Sukkah and Video
  • Chanukah Lights Across America Program: The program consist of three major parts: visiting inmates, distributing Menorahs* and other traditional religious items, and sending Chanukah gifts** to the children of Jewish prisoners. The  presents arrive with greeting cards, signed with the incarcerated parent or relative's name. Presents have been sent to children as far away as Poland, Russia, and Israel.
    Menorah and Candles Order Form
    Chanukah Gelt Program
  • Rosh Hashanah and  Yom Kippur: Rabbis visit more then 40 institutions and conduct prayer services and lectures. They also provide High Holiday books, shofars, Jewish calendars, yarmulkes, and arrange for holiday meals*.
    Rosh Hashanah Order Form 2017/5778 (created 01/03/17)
  • PassoverKosher for Passover items approved in the prisons are sold at a great discount and include shipping, thus allowing for the Jewish inmates to be able to celebrate the holiday.
    Passover Order Form 2018/5778   (created 01/03/17)