Volunteer Packet List

If you will be visiting an institution, we have prepared a folder with all the materials you'll bring with you on your visit. Contact us and we'll have your folder ready for you to pick up.

The Volunteer Packet includes:

  1. 10 Aleph Membership Applications
  2. 5 Torah Studies Packets (application forms included in packet)
  3. Torah Studies Pamphlet
  4. 10 Current Torah Weekly's
  5. 5 Mentor Flyers
  6. 5 Chesed Mentor Applications
  7. 5 Aleph Mentee Applications
  8. 5 ICDL Pamphlets (computer training information)
  9. Volunteer (Help Us, Help Others) Pamphlet
  10. In-Prison/Re-Entry Pamphlet
  11. Re-Entry Pamphlet
  12. Kiddush Grape Juice Pamphlet
  13. Burial Pamphlet
  14. Burial Informational Letter 
  15. Family Support Pamphlet
  16. Mentor 4-Fold Pamphlet
  17. KOI (Kids Of Inspiration, a program for children) Flyer
  18. Chanukah Gelt Program Application