Chesed Mentoring Program

Prison is not a friendly place and prisoners need people to visit them to help keep their hopes up. The Chesed program provides volunteer visits, correspondence, emotional support and encouragement to inmates both prior to and upon their release from jail or prison. Become a  mentee
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Chesed Mentoring Program

mentor-me.gifWhile incarcerated, many prisoners simply grow more hardened in their criminal mindsets. The negative influences around them make changing an uphill battle. The odds of transformation improve dramatically with the help of a dedicated in-prison mentor.

Aleph Institute mentors are regular people from diverse backgrounds...encouragers who go into correctional settings to develop one-on-one relationships with an inmate of their same gender. With authenticity, gentleness, and respect, they model G‑dly attitudes and behaviors for their mentees. They also help prepare an inmate for transition back into the family, synagogue, and community by helping them establish goals, learn life skills, and grow towards greater maturity.

Mentors demonstrate commitment and genuine care along the long-term road of transformation.

Turn your life experience and caring into an opportunity for an inmate to change.
Let Aleph Institute give you everything you need to become an in-prison mentor.

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