The Shed has become a resource in the community for many food-insecure families participating in the Aleph Institute’s Shifra program. Funding for the Shed, located behind the Aleph Institute’s building, was provided by generous grants from the Charles M. Morris Charitable Trust, UPMC, and the Opportunity Fund. It contains 600 square feet of shelving, refrigerators, and freezers containing food provided several times each week by partners including 412 Food Rescue and the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. We are currently serving more than 130 families weekly and the Shed is accessible to all, whether participating in the Shifra program or not.

We distribute over a ton of fresh fruits and vegetables, 500 loaves of bread, and other foods every week, in addition to chicken, meat, and fish, and ritual foods for the holidays. Kosher food is typically 30% more expensive than non-Kosher food. The Shed has become a valued resource in the community, alleviating pressure on many stressed and low-income families.

If you would like access, please do not hesitate to contact Rabbi or Mrs. Vogel, you will be assigned a resource specialist. Rabbi Vogel 412-421-0111 x101 or [email protected]


The Aleph Institute - Shifra Shed is such a valuable asset to our community, I wish we had this ten years ago when my kids were younger, even today, it keeps food on our tables, Thank you for these services.

Mrs. A to Rabbi Vogel 5/2/2023

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