Our Re-Entry Programs work to help individuals have a successful transition back into their community after they are released. We do this by providing assistance with housing and employment, skill training programs, and opportunities for mentor.



Read more: The need for the Aleph Institute reentry programs.



Anonymous Meetings


   Aleph hosts 12-step programs in our building to help make the meetings more accessible to members of our community. These meetings are not run by Aleph, they are run by the national organizations that have developed the 12-step programs — Aleph just offers the space to host them. With Aleph being known in the community it can help people feel at ease coming to a place they already know about.

   12-step programs have been shown to be effective in helping people work towards their goals of decreasing dependency on substances. The meetings offer a place for people to connect with people going through similar situations, which is beneficial in helping people feel connected to their community and less alone.

   There are both virtual and in-person options, so people should be able to find what suits them and their needs best. For people moving through the criminal justice system, Aleph is able to verify for their records that they are attending meetings, verification they can present in court or to a probation officer, should they need to.


AA Meetings: Monday-Friday at 7:00am
NA Meetings: Thursdays at 7:00pm 
OA Meetings: Mondays at 7:00pm
SLAA Meetings: Sundays at 6:15 and 7:30pm

Prayer and Meditation Group

Tuesdays at 8:00pm
Aleph offers an Rabbi led program weekly for men and women who want to study and discuss Jewish methods for prayer and meditation in the spirit of the 11th Step.


JACS Meetings

Meetings are  bi-monthly on Sundays at 7:00 pm
Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically-Dependent Persons, and Significant Others (JACS) Meetings. Group meetings  to help in the process of recovery. They are not only to support addicts, but also their family. 



Employment Assistance

One of the biggest dilemmas men or women face upon release from prison is not knowing where to turn or who will hire them.
Let us help you find work!


Computer Training Program

This program is available for those who wish to improve their computer skills, from basic web browsing skills to detailed office skills.



Rabbi or Mentor Program

Going it alone is difficult. Aleph Institute pairs participants of this program with a mentor. Pair up with a Rabbi/Mentor!



Chesed Mentoring Program

The Chesed program provides volunteer visits, correspondence, emotional support and encouragement to inmates both prior to and upon their release from jail or prison. 







Aleph House  - Inmates in state institutions cannot be released to parole unless they have a home plan/a place to live when released from prison. Unfortunately, many inmates have no place to call home and sometimes have to spend extra years in prison until they can provide an address which can be checked out by the parole officer. The Aleph House was opened in March 2000 with the help of a grant from the Jewish Family Assistance Fund. It provides a home to inmates for a two to three month period, thus giving the inmates a chance to get out of prison and obtain employment to begin a more productive life. 


Religious Counseling - Returning to society can be confusing and traumatic. Religious counseling with the ex-inmate on a one-to-one basis eases their transition from prison to society.

Community Transition Program - This program works with local Jewish agencies to provide free medical care, counseling services, social work, clothing, and a host of community programs that provide the tools necessary for the individual to become a productive member of society.

Lectures and Meetings - Aleph has ongoing lectures and programs to help ex-inmates or their families transition into society and find resources available during hardships. These meetings are open to the public.

Dry Seder - Aleph Institute offers a "dry" seder, which includes a full course meal with fish, chicken soup, side dishes, wine and grape juice, desserts, and matzah. Your parole officer is welcome to join you!


 If you or someone you know may benefit from any of our programs, please contact the office at: [email protected]