• Aleph House  - Inmates in state institutions cannot be released to parole unless they have a home plan/a place to live when released from prison. Unfortunately, many inmates have no place to call home and sometimes have to spend extra years in prison until they can provide an address which can be checked out by the parole officer. The Aleph House was opened in March 2000 with the help of a grant from the Jewish Family Assistance Fund. It provides a home to inmates for a two to three month period, thus giving the inmates a chance to get out of prison and obtain employment to begin a more productive life. 
  • Religious Counseling - Returning to society can be confusing and traumatic. Religious counseling with the ex-inmate on a one-to-one basis eases their transition from prison to society.
  • Community Transition Program - This program works with local Jewish agencies to provide free medical care, counseling services, social work, clothing, and a host of community programs that provide the tools necessary for the individual to become a productive member of society.
  • Lectures and Meetings - Aleph has ongoing lectures and programs to help ex-inmates or their families transition into society and find resources available during hardships. These meetings are open to the public.
  • Dry Seder - Aleph Institute offers a "dry" seder, which includes a full course meal with fish, chicken soup, side dishes, wine and grape juice, desserts, and matzah. Your parole officer is welcome to join you!

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( Study could ease concerns over hiring ex-offenders,

New Re-Entry Program Application (uploaded 02/21/17)