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A fourth generation West Virginian and a third generation jeweler, he attended Linsly Military Institute in Wheeling and the University of Cincinnati, where he obtained a Business degree in Finance and a minor in Business Law as well as being President of a Jewish fraternity, AEPi.

Samuel grew up in a loving home with his parents Tilden and Rochelle Posin and two younger siblings, Joel and Tamara. His teenage years consisted in being involved in Jewish youth groups, where he held leadership roles, and learning the family business.

Since starting in 1980 working full-time in the jewelry industry he has managing 6 stores in three states. Additionally, he has been involved in many local and regional Jewish, secular and inter-faith organizations, including as President and Board member of Temple Shalom, as Lt. Governor of Kiwanis International and Executive Board member of Hopeful City. In his professional life, he is known for his jewelry knowledge, integrity and resourcefulness.

In 2010, he had the opportunity to spend two months studying at Rabbi Akiva Yeshiva in Jerusalem, Israel. Shortly after his return, he became a volunteer with the Aleph Institute. During these 9+ years, he has regularly visited three prisons in both Ohio and West Virginia. He enjoys helping the Jewish male inmates learn, encouraging them to celebrate their Judaism and advocating on their behalf. Since he is a small town Jew, Samuel finds reward in being able to interact with these small groups of one to eight at a time who are otherwise forgotten.

Samuel has two daughters, Sarah, an accomplished archeologist, and Allison, a pre-school teacher. He is currently Managing Director and Diamond Jewelry Specialist at The Jeweled Bird, a fine jewelry and gift store in Wheeling, WV.