Neil Notkin
Board Member 

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Neil Notkin's mission is to create lasting value from wireless leases. As Managing Director of the leading independent cell site management company in the nation - by almost any measure - but principally by the number of site owners who have chosen the Unison Program. The Unison Program is designed for cell site owners who want to get more value from cell site ownership. Since 2003 Neil Notkin has managed Unison's team to acquire a network of more than 4,000 sites and in excess of 6,000 carrier leases. Unison is financed by very substantial capital commitments from TowerBrook Capital Partners L.P. and American Securities Capital Partners L.L.C. Prior to Unison, after a brief stay at Bernstein Global Wealth Management, he served as the former Chairman and CEO of Funding America, a Texas-based startup and wholly owned subsidiary of Ocwen (NYSE:OCN). 

Prior to Funding America, he served as President at Aegis Funding Corp., a privately held mortgage bank (principally owned by Cerberus Capital Management) focused on origination and securitization.

Prior to Aegis, he held the position of EVP Wholesale at Aames Financial Corporation. His financial experience spans 32 years, primarily focused on revenue development, production management and capital markets. He has been involved in turnarounds, start-ups and aggressive growth planning in the sector.