Repairing Our Community: 
One Person at a Time

 The Talmud teaches us that each and every person is a whole world. Thousands of Jewish men and women are incarcerated. Many, despite the surroundings, are lonely individuals. These individuals grew up with challenges that can lead one to a path of destruction to both others and themselves. In the majority of cases, the men and women we work with come from broken homes and harsh childhoods.

 With a lot of love and kindness, these lives can be changed. Studies show that those incarcerated and in the legal system want to improve and want to become productive members of society.

 With over 85% of those incarcerated scheduled to be released within ten years of their sentences, it is imperative we work with them to ensure a positive outcome. The challenges they will face upon getting out of prison will be difficult ones, both in their job search and fitting into society. With the right tools, they can achieve it.

 It is imperative that you, the Rabbis, Chaplains, and Mentors, have the tools to teach them and help make their's a success story.