Emergency Hotline
Ladies Hospital Aid Society Hotline

With hundreds of inmates and former inmates from the local Pittsburgh area and thousands of inmates in and around Pennsylvania, emergencies are a regular occurrence.

A few examples:
  • A family has a teenager in distress and they need resources that will help their teenager.
  • A chaplain in a prison has a Jewish inmate who is requesting a Rabbi in an emergency, and there is no Rabbi on staff.
  • A family, whose income is greatly reduced because of a parent in prison, is about to have utility services terminated for lack of payment.    
To address these needs and so many more, the Aleph Institute has established a hotline, made possible through a grant from the "Ladies Hospital Aid Society." This resource is available twenty four hours a day, six days a week, to guide the family, the inmate, the parent with a troubled teen or a teenager in crisis. When a family member is in jail, families often need someone to help them navigate through difficult times.

An Aleph Rabbi is always available.
The hotline number is 412-860-0927.