Our In-Prison Programs advocate for humanitarian needs, religious accommodations, and provide spiritual and educational services for incarcerated individuals.

Holiday Programs

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Aleph provides for Jewish prisoners  to practice their religion and celebrate holidays while incarcerated. The families of the prisoners are also afforded the opportunity to observe the holidays with their loved ones.  

The Aleph Institute's Library

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Religious books are expensive and our program understands that prisoners have very little or no money and cannot afford them. The Aleph Institute's library allows prisoners access to these texts for religious studies.

Chesed Mentoring Program

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The Chesed program provides volunteer visits, correspondence, emotional support and encouragement to inmates both prior to and upon their release from jail or prison. Become a mentee!

Torah Studies Program

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This program seeks to provide Jewish study material for the Jewish men and women who are otherwise separated from the Jewish community and cannot attend study groups or classes.


In-Prison Outreach Program

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This program ensures that a Rabbi visits each prison every two weeks to make sure that the Jews imprisoned at these facilities are given their rights to religious services, including anything from kosher meals to menorahs during Chanukah.

Torah Leadership Programs

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Furlough programs work with the authorities to take select non-violent inmates out of the prison environment to a spiritual sanctuary, allowing them to learn, study, and bring back Jewish leadership skills to the other inmates in their respective communities  

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