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CASE #1:
Who: “John Doe” a Squirrel Hill real estate lawyer
When: April 2018
Alternative Sentence: One day in prison and three years of probation with twelve hours a week of community service.

US District Judge Nora Barry Fischer, accepted the proposal created by John Doe and Aleph Institute staff. The Aleph Institute had worked with John Doe for over four years, providing religious counseling and overseeing over five hundred hours of community service. Judge Fischer thanked Aleph Institute for the important work it performs in the community and recognized as part of the record the programing Aleph Institute has performed over the years.

Judge Fischer stressed the importance of the ‘Aleph Institute - Alternative Sentencing Program’ stating, that there are times when incarceration is not the answer and an alternative punishment is the right solution.

CASE #2:
Who: “James Doe” a retired doctor, age 69
When: January 2016
Crime: Prescribing Oxycodone for no medical purpose
Alternative Sentence: He will complete 250 hours of community service, participate in religious programs, and undergo 8 months of house arrest. His community service will include educating doctors and the public about the negative effects of narcotics.

The Aleph Institute helped James Doe create his application for alternative punishment.
James Doe, is undergoing treatment for cancer of the esophagus. His lawyer presented 36 letters from supporters, testifying to Doe's character, compassion, and work ethic. He surrendered his prescribing license, retired, and shut down his medical office prior.