Torah Weekly

A one page (double sided) weekly message, directed to the Jewish men and women incarcerated.


Parshat Vezot Habracha


Parshat Ha'azinu


Parshat Vayelech


Parshat Nitzavim


Parshat Ki Tavo


Parshat Ki Teitzei

Parshat Shoftim


  Parshat Re'eh


Parshat Eikev


Parshat Va'etchanan


Parshat Devarim


Parshat Matot-Massei


Parshat Pinchas


Parshat Balak


Parshat Chukat


Parshat Korach


Parshat Shlach


Parshat Behaalotecha


Parshat Naso


Parshat Bamidbar


Parshat Bechukotai


Parshat Behar


Parshat Emor


Parshat Kedoshim


Parshat Acharei-Mot


Parshat Acharei Mot - Passover 2


Parshat Acharei Mot - Passover 1


Parshat Metzora


Parshat Tazria


Parshat Shemini


Parshat Tzav


Parshat Vayikra


Parshat Pekudei



Parshat Vayak'hel


With limited Jewish books available to the Jewish inmate, he / she will find a weekly inspirational message, as well as important timely information.