Chaplains' Corner

  • This page is a resource for chaplains in the Federal, state, and local prisons who are seeking information, resources, and material for the Jewish inmates and congregations they serve.
  • In addition to regular Rabbi visits, The Aleph Institute has arranged for volunteers to visit Jewish inmates. Please let our office know if you do not have an Aleph volunteer or would like to request additional Aleph volunteers.

Prison Visitation Program

The Prison Visitation Program works that every prison should receive a visit from a Rabbi on a regular basis, to ensure that Jewish prisoners receive their rights to religious services. 

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Aleph has created handbooks, both for Jewish prisoners to learn about Judaism, and for the institutions they are in to help understand what is being asked from them.

For the Aleph Handbook, click here.
For the Institutional Handbook, click here.


Chessed Mentoring Program


While incarcerated, many prisoners simply grow more hardened in their criminal mindsets. The negative influences around them make changing an uphill battle. The odds of transformation improve dramatically with the help of a dedicated in-prison mentor.

Aleph Institute mentors are regular people from diverse backgrounds who go into correctional settings to develop one-on-one relationships with an inmate of their same gender. With authenticity, gentleness, and respect, they model G‑dly attitudes and behaviors for their mentees. 

Mentors demonstrate commitment and genuine care along the long-term road of transformation.They help prepare an inmate for transition back into the family, synagogue, and community by helping them establish goals, learn life skills, and grow towards greater maturity. 

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Torah Weekly

The Torah Weekly is a one page (double sided) weekly message for incarcerated Jewish men and women.

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Annual Jewish Chaplains Conference

The Aleph Institute's Annual Jewish Chaplains Conference provides a hands-on training environment for the chaplains and volunteers who service Jewish inmates, those in the process of re-entry, and their families.

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The Aleph Institute Library

The Aleph Institute Library allows prisoners to access otherwise expensive religious books for study.

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  • While we try to continuously update our information, please notify us of any outdated material.
  • Please have the Aleph Membership Application available for all Jewish inmates to complete and return to us. This allows us to add them to our mailing list.