Our center is located at 5804 Beacon Street in the heart of Pittsburgh's Jewish community in Squirrel Hill.


Berman Foyer.jpg
Berman Foyer   

Roffman Reception Area.jpg
Roffman Reception Area at the front foyer.

Berger Gallery.jpg
Berger Gallery, located on the first floor, offers visitors contemporary Jewish art. The visitor will find fine high caliber art throughout the Center.

Lembersky Multi-Purpose Room.jpg
The Lembersky Multi-Purpose Room hosts daily meetings including, visitations, support group meetings, Rabbinical counseling sessions, and social services counseling meetings.

Reflection Area.jpg    
The reflection area is located in the Lembersky multi-purpose room. It is a quiet, comfortable space reserved for Rabbinical counseling and personal reflection.

Perlow Conference Room.jpg
Perlow Conference Room
 . With full presentation facilities and multi-line conference phone, our intimate conference room, which accommodates up to 16, is ideal for any type of meeting. It hosts our training of volunteers, board meetings and community educational programs.  

Robinson Lounge.jpg 
The Robinson Lounge is located on the first floor and has a comfortable sofa, public computer and displays of artwork. Visitors to Aleph Institute can use the public computer to search for employment online or create a resume.

Greenfield Kitchen.jpg
Greenfield Kitchen, located in the Roffman Conference room on the main floor.

Executive Director Office.jpg
Executive Director's Office, located on the second floor of the office.

Chosky Kitchen.jpg
Chosky Kitchen, located on the second floor.

Office Bet - Development Director.jpg
Office Bet, Development Director's Office

Office Gimmel.jpg
Office Gimmel


Baum Library.jpg
The Baum Library is located on the third floor and features numerous religious texts. Some of these texts are loaned to inmates in local prisons through our Aleph Library program. Others are available free-of-charge through our Books and Religious Materials Program. 


Baum Library


                                                      Baum Library


Morris Foundation Multi-Purpose Room.jpg
Morris Foundation Multi-Purpose Room