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  Five Insightful Links for Your Seder  

Dear Friends of Aleph,

As you are preparing to celebrate the Seder, we'd like to present you with five useful links that will help you discover the meaning and reasons behind the special customs and Mitzvos for the Passover Seder.

These links are part of a big section which we host on our  site. We invite you to click, read stories and history, find many answers to your questions, watch hundreds of Passover-related videos and more!  Click here to visit our Passover section.

Reminder: we will be hosting our annual Seder at The Aleph Institute - N.E. Regional Headquarters. Also, we have few shmurah Matzah for sale... feel free to contact us.

Wishing you easy preparations for Passover!

Haggadah Tidbits

Give everyone something to say. 
Here are fifteen short and juicy explanations to accompany your Seder.


Why Do We Spill Wine on Passover Night?

Why do we spill the wine when we mention each one of the Ten Plagues, and what are we supposed to do with the spilled wine?

Why Do We Hide the Afikoman?

The simple reason that we put the afikoman aside or hide it, is because we will eat this matzah only near the very end of the Seder, and we don’t want it to get mixed up with the other matzahs at the table.


What Is a Seder?


The Seder is a marathon feast that includes reading, drinking wine, telling stories, eating special foods and singing.


What is the Significance of the Four Cups of Wine?

G‑d uses four expressions of redemption in describing our Exodus from Egypt and our birth as a nation.