Our History

Beginning in the 1980’s, the US prison system began to grow exponentially, which as a consequence scattered and separated the already minute numbers of incarcerated Jews, and thus left many to slip through the cracks of most chaplaincy services. In 1991   Rabbi Moishe Mayir Vogel , opened the Aleph Institute in Pittsburgh. As numbers of the Jewish men and women incarcerated increased, the demand for programs and services grew. In 2005 the Institute purchased a facility in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Jewish community, Squirrel Hill, where it continues to provide essential programs for the men and women incarcerated and their families on the outside.  
Today, Aleph has evolved into the nation's most trusted and effective advocate for Jewish prisoners and their loved ones.  Aleph’s programs have been implemented in dozens of regional, state and federal correctional facilities, and its staff and personnel have gained the endorsement of a skeptical prison system, thereby according the organization with a unique level of confidence and responsibility.  
If you know of someone in prison or a family of an inmate who needs help, please do not hesitate to call the Aleph Office.  
We are available around the clock, seven days a week.
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