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Lina Horwitz

Lina Horwitz

Lina Horwitz

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About me:
I was born in South Korea and adopted at five months old. I do not look like a typical “Horwitz” and now you know why.
Anyway, I started violin at the age of five. I still play, and Rabbi Vogel graciously allows me to practice violin at The Aleph Institute after I clock out.
! תודה רבה

How did I come to work at Aleph?
I came to The Aleph Institute with an interest in volunteering. I really wanted to visit inmates because I feel I’m a good listener.  I like to validate, support, and encourage people. 

Rabbi Vogel asked if I would like to volunteer as the receptionist for three hours a week. I agreed because, even though it wasn’t what I originally wanted to do, it was still something. The next day, I came in and he asked if I wanted to work Monday through Friday. I agreed, and I’m so happy and grateful that I did.

Rabbi Vogel told me that I will wear many hats while I'm working here at The Aleph Institute.
This is nice because I don't often wear hats.

Posted 01/17/17
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