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Amy Ngo

Amy Ngo

Amy Ngo
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant/Webmaster/Volunteer Coordinator

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Note: Most index icons throughout this site and Torah Weekly picture links come from the artwork of Yoram Raanan. 
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Amy Ngo's Photo.jpg    About Me:

    Hello! My name is Amy Ngo. I was born in Philadelphia and moved to the city of Pittsburgh for         college. I enjoy living in Pittsburgh so much I decided to stay even after I graduated. I love to read       books, newspapers, articles, etc. I read a range of many different topics from roller skating to               fishing. I also enjoy dancing though I will not be winning any awards anytime soon!

    I joined the Aleph Institute in the hopes of helping as many people as I can. Everybody deserves a                                   chance and I fully believe and support that statement. Rabbi Vogel is a great inspiration and why I                                   decided to join the Aleph Team. With his guidance and those of the other rabbis, We can work                                         towards the mission of the Aleph Institute: No One Alone, No One Forgotten. 


Posted 01/17/17
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