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Chaplains' Corner

Chaplains' Corner


Chaplains' Corner

  • This page is a resource for chaplains in the Federal, state, and local prisons who are seeking information, resources, and material for the Jewish inmates and congregations they serve.
  • In addition to regular Rabbi visits, The Aleph Institute has arranged for volunteers to visit Jewish inmates. Please let our office know if you do not have an Aleph volunteer or would like to request additional Aleph volunteers.


Aleph has encouraged the men and women of our communities to become mentors for Jewish inmates. As mentors, the individuals meet in visiting rooms to develop personal relationships with the goal of being a pillar of support as the inmate returns to society. Since mentors enter the institutions as a spiritual adviser, they do not have the restriction of no personal contact.

We currently operate this program at the Allegheny County Jail. In conjunction with the HOPE program, our program is also offered at State Correctional Institution Mercer and State Correctional Institution Fayette. We hope to introduce it to all institutions in the near future.

  • While we try to continuously update our information, please notify us of any outdated material.
  • Please have the Aleph Membership Application available for all Jewish inmates to complete and return to us. This allows us to add them to our mailing list.


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